On this page you will find ‘the poem of the month’, ideal for reading aloud to young children at bedtime. 

All poems published here are written by Bewitched Reads.

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Poem of the Month (June):

No Time for Lounging

Buzzz, Buzzz
Is the bumblebee’s call
A shout out to all humans
Don’t they know anything at all?

The sun might be shining
But there’s no time for bathing
The flowers, they need us
Can’t you see them? They’re waving

So go and fetch the watering can
Freshen-up that soil
But please don’t sit their lounging
We are ready to toil, toil, toil

It might take all day
But pollen will be taken
And spread all around
So many more plants to awaken

For that is the job
Of the buzzy, buzzy, bee
So never forget us when lying in the sun
Or in the shade of that tree

By Bewitched Reads