On this page you will find ‘the poem of the month’, ideal for reading aloud to young children at bedtime. 

All poems published here are written by Bewitched Reads.

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Poem of the Month

Unicorn’s sweet tooth

Evie the unicorn
Had a very sweet tooth
She would chomp all day
But was unaware of a sticky truth

Until one day her mother said
You will lose a tooth
And your unicorn horn will break in two
Leaving nothing of your magic youth

Evie was shocked
But no less tempted
By one more sherbert lemon
Surely her magic was protected?

But as her mother warned
Evie heard a loud crack
And down fell her unicorn horn
Hitting the ground and turning black

Oh no, she cried
My magic is lost!
What can be done?
I’ll do anything, no matter the cost

There is only one thing, said mother
That can return your gift
You must eat fruit and veg
No more sweets for a sugar lift

Evie sighed
How boring, she thought
Perhaps sugar sprinkled on strawberries
Would make her less distraught?

No more sugar, said mother
And Evie scowled
But she gave it eight whole weeks
Eating food that grew from the ground

Slowly but surely
Her unicorn horn grew back
But she still longed for some cake
As a nice sweet snack

Then after many months
Evie was met with a surprise
Chocolate cake, she cried!
She couldn’t believe her eyes

What about my magic, mother?
It’s your birthday, my dear
You can enjoy sweet things
Always at this special time of year.

By Bewitched Reads